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Food supplements and cooking equipment

UltraSports Under certain conditions, when riding on tough trails through hot deserts, or in high altitude, your body needs to be resupplied with vitamins and a fast acting and easy digestable form of energy. Ultra Buffer and Ultra Bar support the body (muscles and brain) with the necessary vitamins and energy during riding, whereas Ultra Refresher is helping to regenerate quickly for full performance the following day.
Primus Yes, cooking is the most important event on tour - therefore we carry the reliable Primus MultiFuel EX and the Primus Etapower MF expedition stove and a set of stainless steel pots.

Bike and bike components

The bike is the central part of equipment. It needs to be robust and allow to mount front and rear racks.
The ROTOR Komet is a CroMo steel frame bike designed for touring in remote regions. So far, it has worked really well for us during off-road touring in Tibet, Morocco and Siberia.
Rohloff's new gearing system, the Speedhub 500/14 is excellent for tough conditions of sandy and muddy roads. It is basically free of maintenance. The biggest advantage is that extremely fast gear changing is possible. In addition, we use the SLT-99 chain.
Seat post suspension significantly increases riding comfort on rough and corrogated roads. The new version of Airwings suspended seat posts, "Evolution", is very robust especially on rough terrain.
Tires are one very important piece of equipment for bicycle touring. With the wrong tires, your tour can become a real pain... Marathon XR is a legendary and truely reliable tire for long distance bicycle touring and has good protection against puctures and wear-off.
On the road bike we now use the Marathon Supreme, which is specially designed for good grip and low resistance also on wet roads.
The new tire Smart Sam is a powerful mountain bike tire for traveling on tough gravel roads or in sand, but it runs also very well on paved roads. Equally important, we are very satisfied
Suspension forks require special front racks not dirctly applying weight to the suspended parts of the wheel. The faiv Hoogar and HoogarPlus luggage rack is fixed at the top of the fork and has a moving connection lower down, near the axle. So the luggage is transported smoothly, unaffected by the terrain, as the front wheel is able to rise and fall unhindered. When it is fully loaded, the rack increases the effectiveness of the suspension.
Robust handle bar, bar ends, and stem from X-tas-Y, kindly provided by Humpert GmbH.
We use the reliable bicycle computer BC1200 for our road bike and the new BC2006MHR with combined functions during hiking and cycling. In addition, air pumps Telescope Jet (mini pump) and Alpha Jet (floor mini pump) are our companions on tour an during road bike competitions.

Bike trailer

Extrawheel bike trailer
A really light weight single wheel trailer that is especially suitable for touring rough road conditions and in remote regions where there are no roads at all. The great advantage is the big wheel that makes it easier to ride over obstacles.
BOB Trailers
Zwei plus Zwei

we have used the following trailers:
When travleing to remote regions, or to hot deserts, the amount of supplies or water to be transported may exceed the space available in panniers. Instead of building high on the rear rack, the one-wheeled BOB-Yak trailer is the ideal cargo trailer. It follows the bicycle track exactly and keeps the center of gravity low for bike and rider. It can load up to 40kg and is absolutely compatible with difficult trails. A new suspended version is now available: The BOB-Ibex with a suspended wheel. It follows very smooth and does not bounce anymore - ideal for rough terrain (see review article).

Panniers and camping equipment

Keeping your stuff dry is extremely important, especially if you are riding in the rain all day and are looking forward to dry clothing and sleeping bag for the night. Ortlieb Front Roller and Back Roller panniers are tight for water and dust. The Quick Lock system1 holding the bags on the racks is very powerful, even when riding on rough trails. In addition, the Rack-Pack XL ideally fits into the BOB-Yak and BOB-Ibex trailer and keeps stuff dry even on wet and muddy roads.
Rejka Outdoor
Excellent and well-designed tents either with PU or silicone outer fabric. We are using the model Zatara as a free-standing two-person tent which is leight weight and robust.
The mdoel Akjer is our robust expedition winter tent with snow flaps for mountaineering.
The Thermarest ProLitePlus serves us very well during bike tours and mountaineering.

Clothing and Accessories

Die Firma Alpina, ein in der Wintersportszene bekannter Betrieb aus Südbayern, ist auf die Herstellung von exzellenten Brillen für den Outdoor- und Skibereich spezialisiert. Die TURBO GT Brillen schützen unsere Augen und Gesichter gegen die Kälte und Sturm, gegen harte UV- und IR-Strahlung, sowie gegen zu viel Licht, was in sonnigen Schnee-Landschaften immer der Fall ist.
, a company from South Bavaria, provided us with professional snow goggles Turbo GT. We highly appreciate this protection in cold and "white" environments during winter touring and high altitude mountaineering. Under these conditions, proper UV- and IR protection is essential.

We love the Sealskinz waterproof socks, they are great to use with sandals - all year round, and they turned out to be also dust-proof! In addition, we also use SealSkinz cold weather gloves and winter hat.
Great mountain boots with lots of thoughtful details. We are using the Top Trek Alpine model.
Cascade designs supplied us with the snow shoes Lightning Ascent. They are light weight and have good grip, ideal for mounaineering.
Light weight and strong ice axe, crampons and harness for mountaineering.