Mongolia Mountainbike Expedition

August - October 1996

For seven weeks we explored Mongolia by bike in September and October 1996. Our tour started and ended in Ulaan Baatar. From Ulaan Baatar we traveled west to Harhorin, Tsetserleg, Tariat and the vulkano Chorgo, Tosontsengel, and Uliastay an then turned back east via Otgon, Bayanbulag, Bayanhongor, to Arvaicheer. From Arvaicheer we went south into the Gobi via Bayan Gol, Mandal Ovoo, the red cliffs at Baindsag and the gorge Jolyn Am, to Dalanzadgad. From Dalanzadgad we took a bus back to Ulaan Baatar and did another short tour to the monastery Mandshir near Zuumond.
Since then, we collect updated information on road conditions, situation of food supply in towns, and about local people from these regions.

Radtour Mongolei 1996 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen