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Icebike Home Page: everything about cycling in winter

Asia and Himalaya

Journey to the Center of the Earth Richard and Nicolas Crane 1986 an amazing tour over the roof of the world to the "center of the earth" on road bikes.
Chang Tang by fair means Stefan Simmerer, Frank Kauper 1987 not exactly a bike tour, but instead, the first unupported S-to-N traverse of the Tibetan high plateau.
The endless sky trip - cycling the Himalaya Ray Kreisel 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998 a nice site about several trips to the Himalaya region; e-book "A different kind of freedom".
Biking South-East Asia with Mr. Pumpy Felix Hude various years good source of information for cycling SE Asia: Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, etc.
Eine Radwanderung Veronika Janke, Matthias Riedel since 2008 From Europe to central Asia. Kasachstan, Monogolia, China, Russia, Siberia
Tour Trans Asia Marco Altmann,
Jack Thoms
2007 bike tour from Brunei to Lake Baikal, from equator to Siberia.
to-urs Urs Guggisberg 2001-2003
Bike tour from Europe to Japan.
Along the Silk Road
Himalaya cycling Uli Sertl 1997,

very nice and informative website about cycling in Tibet and the Himalaya.
Corax - around the world by bicycle Janne Corax various years,
Changtang 2003
nice website about various tours in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas;
First to try to cross the ChangTang by bicycle!
Martin Adserballe's Adventure Page Martin Adserballe various years since 1998 another true Tibet enthusiast. Description of several trips including a world record in high-altitude biking on Muzthag Ata.
Europe to Asia - a mountainbike expedition from Sweden to SE-Asia Tom Hermansson 1998-2001 a very nice and informative website about a long trip from Sweden to Thailand. Nice photos, too.

North and South America

Ruhiger treten Karin und Claus Lutz


A bicycle journey through North America: Canada and the best of USA.
Gegenwind Raphael und Bettina


From Equador to Ushuaia.
Riding the Spine Goat, Jacob, Sean


A bike tour from Alaska to Patagonia on Xtracycles.
Lost Coast Bike Expedition Dylan Kentch,
Eric Parsons
2008 Crazy off road trip in Alaska.
Traumtreter Martin und Hannes Horn 2005-2006 Two brothers cycling from Alaska to South America.
Across Canada by Bike Jan Christensen 2004 three-months trip across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax.
Trans Canada Trail Tom Couture 2003 journal, photos and information of a trip across Canada.
Iris en Tore op reis Iris Vandenham, Tore Nauta various years,
nice reports and pictures of bicycle travels to various regions in the world. Currently cycling in South America.
Cool section with "Off the map information"
Durch Amerika Benedikt Nessmann,
Kerstin Fischer,
Elisabeth Raffl,
Bernd Heim
2001-2001 Bike trip through Canada and down to South America.
Globetreter "Join me" tour Sebastian Burger 2001 Germany to Bejing in record time; Come-join-me-tour in South America
Transamazonica Micha 1999 Self-contained bike tour on a dirt road along the Amazon.
Mit dem Bike von Alaska nach Feuerland Urs Bossard 1999 report with photos.
A north American Bicycle Journey Wade Anderson 1999 a jouney from Alaska to Florida across Canada and the USA.
more South America bicycle tours at:


Marokko per Rad Jan Cramer every year The best resource on the web about cycling Marocco! Unfortunately only in German
Vom Wind getragen Sebastian Woitsch 2006-2007 Germany to Capetown
to-adi Adrian Guggisberg 2007 Through Africa: Eastafrica and Westafrica
Westafrika - Tour Michi Schönholzer 2003 From Morocco to Ghana
Radflimmern Souleimman Semo 2001-2002 nicely written journal from a bike tour Germany to South Africa
Die neue Welt Alexander Pfeifle 2001-2002 Europe to Africa
Afrika-Radtour Jens and Andreas 1990-1991 Detailed report of a bike tour from Frankfurt to Capetown. It is interesting to read, as many things have chaned since...
Afrika Michael Schmitz 1997 stories from a 11 000 km trip from Kenya to South Africa - also availabel as a great book!
Jena - Jemen

Barbara Vetter, Vincent Heiland

1998/1999 a one year's trip from Germany to Jemen. Nice tour report.


Alpenzorro Stefan Stunz various years great website of a mountain biker traveling long distance on tracks in light-weight style.
Gabor Györgi's Cycling Page Gabor Györgi various years a Hungarian cyclist touring Hungary, Poland, Czech Republik, Slovakia, the Alps and around the Balkan.
Faszination Alpen Elmar Neßler 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 excellent resource for mountainbike touring in the Alpes, as well as information for "bike and hike". Tour descriptions for download.
Alpenradtouren Georg Föcker various years good resource for road bike tours in the Alpes.
Passes of the Alps by road bike Holger Rudolph various years information about road cycling Alpine passes.
BikeAbout Anthony, Conny, Andrea, Ethan, Padaic 1997-1998 cycling around the Mediterranean Sea.
Around the Baltic Sea
North Cape to Gibraltar
Erik Staarup 1998,
tour around the Baltic Sea, and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea in reocord time.
Mit dem Fahrrad zum Nordkap Norbert and Olga Nczekalla 1999 through Sweden to the North Cape.

Long-term "round the world" trips

Reduce Speed Dorothee Krezmar
Kurt Beutler
1998-2008 in 10 years around the world.
Weltreise mit Zeichenblock Jens Hübner 2007-2009 a bike traveler who painted instead of taking photos.
Globecyclers Benjamin Jacob
Mandy Helmis
2006-2009 world tour on a Tandem 'Pino'. Very nice website with up to date reports and lots of photos.
Terracirca Oliver Schmidt world tour 2005-2006
various years since 1996
Transasia, Russian Far East, Lake Baikal in winter, around the world along the polar circle.
Back in the world Rick Galezovsky, Maggy Bennedsen 2001 - 2006 amazing photos, and a great journal of a bicycle tour through the Americas and now also Asia. Really nice!
Crossing Continents Marco Geurts 2005-2006 from Europe to South America: part 1: Across Asia; part 2: South America.
Abgefahren Mario Gerth,
Thorsten Büttner
various years since then
Europa, Asien, Afrika, Neuseeland, Südamerika.
Reiseleben Thomas Gand 2002-2008 Norway, Portugal, Sardinia and Korsica. Started for world tour 2005-2008.
Die grosse Reise Daniel Snaider
Susi Bemsel
2002-2006 online journal of a bike tour form Europe to South America; continuing to Australia and Asia.
128ontour Jutta&Gerhard Krauss 2002-2003 at the start of the tour, their age summed to 128 years. Interesting website indicating that bike touring is not only for youngsters.

Peter Smolka

2000-2004 Europe, Africa, South and North America, Australia, Asia... Check out the nicely written reports; available also as a book now.
Jeff on bike Jürgen Franieck 1998 - 2002 Online journal of a trip from Germany to England and the Americas.
The YAK man Claude Marthaler 1994-2001;
variours years since then
Report from an amazing world tour on bike. He wrote a book about his 7 year's trip.
Mit dem Fahrrad um die halbe Welt Claudia and Beat Zbinden 1993-1996 report with photos from a bike trip (30 months) around the world; now run a hostel in Patagonia.
Weltsichten: Fahrrad-Weltreise Axel Brümmer, Peter Glöckner 1990-1995 Fotos and reports from two guys having started off still with their East German passports...

Individual tours with destinations all over the world

Team Duszak Pawel Dusza, Marek Dusza since 2005 two Polish guys with very interesting tours in Alps, Caucausus. Combination of cycling and climbing.
Betzgi's Veloreisen  Beat Heim various years information about several tours: Himalaya, South America (Patagonia), Mexico, Andean High Plateau.
Globetreter Sebastian Burger various years Germany - Beijing; South America bike tour; Germany - South East Asia. Special tandem tours.
Benni auf Reisen Bernward Elsel various projects since 2000 Turkey, Iceland; 8 months in Asia, Germany to Capetown on a recumbent tandem.
Bike NZ Stephan Drawert 199, 2001, 2004 several bike trips in New Zealand.
Con un par de ruedas Sergio Fernandez,
Gemma Perez
various years ongoing series of tours to seven deserts of the world; other destinations included Iceland, Ireland, Tunisia.
Cycling around the world

Paul van Roekel,
Anja de Graaf

various years well researched and very informative website on bicycle tours in India, South-East Asia, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Ecuador, USA, Alaska, etc.
A bicycle traveller's page Tom Schleicher last trip report 2003 an excellent and informative website about bicycle touring in various regions (Europe, USA/Kanada, Australia, Africa).
Exyle: Expedition Style Frank Hülsemann & Team various years Expedition-stlye bike trips in a team to Alaska/Kanada, along the Silkroad, and from Siberia to Mongolia; journal and pictures.
Tilman Waldthaler - the official homepage Tilmann Waldthaler various years extreme bike tours around the world, in the Himalaya, and Australia, Äquatour, the Americas.
Heinz Stücke's Around the World by Bicycle Heinz Stücke started in 1960, still traveling a true long-time traveller: on the road since 1960. And he is still discovering new places to go...
Roli on Tour Roland Langrock various years Europe, North Africa, Asia.
Dodos Fahrrad Abenteuer Dieter Junghans various years Reports of bike tours to destinations around the world, mainly South America, Asia.
Bikedoll Andreas and Marion Bugdoll various years Europe, Australia, America, Namibia.
Wolfgangs Radlerseite Wolfgang Luft various years nice photos and excellent information of tours in Namibia, New Zealand, Alaska, Iceland.
Radventure Tristan Wegner various years nicely written bike tour reports of different regions of Europe and Kyrgistan.
Fahrradreisen Thorsten Brönner various years various bike tours within Europe, and other continents. Very nice photography.

Further Links

Crazy guy on a bike: great platform of travel journals from tours all over the world
Collection of bicycle touring reports: very impressive collection! (by Karl Brodowsky)
Roughstuff's world bicycle touring network: contains links to some amazing tours!
Trento Bike Pages: collection of tour reports, mainly Europe (by Andreas Caranti)