Trekking tour: Hot springs and volcanoes

August 2008

Nalychevo Park is located within a ring of volcanoes. The hightest surrounding mountains are Koryaksky (3470 m), Shupanova (2927 m), Avachinsky (2741 m) and Dzendzur (2156 m).

Our eight-day hike lead from the village Pinachevo via the Camp Semjenovskij to the central Camp Nalychevo. From there we undertook several day hikes to various thermal fields and mineral springs.
Despite heavy support by the WWF, the quality of trails and bridges still is typical 'Russia'. There are only few sign posts and distances are usually given as air-line distance - not very useful for hiking.
At most camps, there is a possibility to sleep in huts if there is space.

Morning fog after two weeks of rainy weather. Dzendzur und Shupanova in the back.

Unfortunately, during our eight-day hike we mostly had rainy and cloudy weather. There was only one day on which we enjoyed the view of the high volcanoes Avachinsky and Koryaksky, as well as Dzendzur und Shupanova. This moment was worth everything!