Trekking Tour: Uzon Caldera and Valley of Geysers

September 2002

The 14-day trek lead us through the wilderness of the Kronotsky Zapovednik.

Starting at the mouth of the River Novaja Semlyachik we followed the river upstream in western direction. After three days of hiking through the tall perennials in the birch forest (Betula ermanni), we climed to the tundra plateau by following a small side valley.

The ridges of the deep valleys leading to the plateau are covered by a dense belt of Pinus pumila, making it almost impossible to find ones way through - ths is called the Stlanik.

The tundra plateau stretches all the way to the outer rim of the Uzon Caldera, apruptlay opening a spectacular view of one of the most beautiful landscapes on can imagine. From the Uzon Caldera a well maintained trail leads to the Valley of Geysers.
We reached the end points of the trekking tour by helicopter flights, and had to be accompanied by a ranger during the days we actually spent in the Kronotsky Zapovednik (Sini Dol to Uzon Caldera and Valley of Geysers).

Rivers emering from the tundra high plateau are dry in summer and fall, but there are many ground water springs in the valleys.

Patterns due to freeze-thawing.

We have to find the best way thought the pine thickings.
Panoramablick of the Uzon Caldera.