Pictures from Norway

boat houses at a fjord

farm houses

steep road uphill to the fjell

rocky fjell landscape

above the Lysefjord

Waltraud at a waterfall

at the end of Lysefjord

rising clouds, Lysefjord

a view down to Lysefjord


ferry at Hjelmeland

fog over lake Mosvatn

double waterfall

fjell landscape

short tunnel

road to Skånevik

Waltraud on the cliff on the other side

farms before Skånevik

rain at a mountain pass

fish market in Bergen

One of the many smaller fjords between Kristiansand and Mandal.

A mountain lake with forest and granite rocks in the evening.

A view into the valley of Valle (Lindsnes kommune).

The small road to Lysebotn across the fjell landscape.

The fjord near Fusa (just south of Bergen).

Bergen, part of the harbor.